You choose your partner in life not just out of love but also because you trust each other – same thing as in choosing the perfect wedding planner, you both know that everything will work out as planned because you trust each other.

Let me invite you for a coffee so that and get to know each other well. Let us chat about your ideas and my ideas of a perfect wedding. We will start by building trust with one another and then the party can start!


Each wedding day is a special one – below you will find description of what I can offer to you.



Complete Organisation


Due to time lack of time, most wedding couple considers the idea of having a complete package or a complete organisation of their special day!

From planning all the necessary up to the day of your wedding, this will all be organised through Perfect Wedding!


All that I require from you is to relax, enjoy and have fun with your partner, family and friends. I will be staying in the background making sure that everything is running as planned and that your guests are well entertained and satisfied.


Through Complete Organisation I can guarantee you that with less stress, your idea of a perfect wedding will come true!



Limited Organisation


You also want to have a hand on organisation of your wedding day, then we can work together with Limited Organisation – with this, you can decide on which part of your planning you might need my assistance. How far you will need my assistance is all your decision. If you require offers from other suppliers, I can also obtain this for you.

This service is perfect for couples who have already started the organisation and all they need is opinion from my side or somebody who will make sure that everything is running well on the wedding day itself.

It is a good thing that couples have a hands on in organising their big day; however some underestimate the work involve in the whole preparation. Therefore, I suggest to each couple to ask for assistance or opinion of a wedding planner.



Complete Self-Organisation


Indeed, there is also the possibility that you organize everything on your own. This offer is for couples who only require suggestions and opinion of a wedding planner. I can provide you with tips and tricks as well as checklists which will lighten your preparation.